Introducing Cannalife Botanicals THC Infused Coconut Oil


Introducing our newest family member, Coconut Oil!  It has so many amazing qualities and benefits for one’s health and well-being.  We are so excited to bring Cannalife Botanicals Cannabis Coconut Oil to our product line, which is now available for purchase via our online store and soon at your local dispensary.

Our Coconut Oil is a Cannabis infusion made with premium organic, cold-pressed Coconut Oil and quality herb.

*organic *gluten free *solvent free *non GMO.

We infuse our coconut oil with the amazing hybrid strain:  CannalifeBotanicalsCoconutoil

White Castle: Indica dominant (60%) & high THC

We chose it for its quality of effects on pain relief.

“This strain is most sought after for its powerful effects on chronic aches and pains, which may make even the most severe pain manageable. White Castle‘s upbeat mind effects may make it helpful to those with anxiety and stress disorders as well.”

1 teaspoon =25mg

1 unit contains=1000mg

Suggested dose 1/2 teaspoon to 1 tsp

May be used as a topical or oral medicine.

Coconut oil has been known to:


Nourish hair by reducing protein loss.

Prevent wrinkles, sagging, dryness and flaking of the skin.

Strengthen immunity.

Prevent high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

Healing damaged tissues, helping in pancreatitis, liver and kidney diseases.

Eliminated mental fatigue.

Improves bone strength and dental health.

Provides relief and help to eliminate Candida Albicans yeast.

Helps those with Diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels and improving insulin secretion.

Assists in digestion when taken orally as it promotes nutrient absorption, increases the metabolism and helps in weigh loss.

Add all of that to the amazing benefits of Cannabis, and enjoy yours now.