Dear Cannalife Botanicals family,

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our products over the years. Your testimonials and personal accounts inspire us daily to continue crafting with care, refining and expanding our offerings.

It is unfortunate that with the first phases of legalization they do not include the production or distribution of topicals; this is one of the safest means of Cannabis use.

We are in the early stages of developing a medical research plan with patients in need and medical professionals. We have received many heartfelt stories of success from many different clients. These testimonials support us in advocating for topical use, please keep them coming!

We hope to continue to offer Cannalife Botanicals to those who rely on our products as part of their daily medication and wellness regime. Please fill out this FORM if you would like to participate in our Compassionate Care Program. Your submission will be reviewed with instructions to follow.

Always feel free to reach out by email or telephone to receive educational resources and updates on our progress.  Although our web store will be inactive for now, we will continue to update our website and social media. We are passionate about our patients and we strive to continue to serve and supply you with trusted products when we can.

    “Hello, I’m Amanda and I just wanna say that I love your bath soak/scrub. It makes my body feel so relaxed after a long day with my two kids. It helps so much with my back acne and takes away my stress and anxiety.”

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    “Your extra strength arthritis balm has helped me so much. I was talking with a co-worker, and she was telling me about her mother in law having osteo arthritis in her knees and how she was using this balm and how much it helped her.”

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    I have been using your Arthritis Balm on my rotator cuff injury and it has blown my mind.

    Hailey Elise, Professional Mountain Biker

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    “I highly recommend this healing Cannalife Botanical’s Salve for anyone with painful, itchy, inflamed skin. This stuff is a lifesaver!”