Cannalife Botanicals Pleasure Oil Reviewed in Skunk Magazine!

Skunk Magazine Cannalife Botanicals Pleasure OIl Review

We are thrilled with our recent review of our Pleasure Oil in Skunk Magazine, North America’s Premier Cannabis Cultivation Publication.

Please scroll down to read the review here:

“I love this company, absolutely love it. They immediately send us out a whole sloe of products designed to put the love back in to love-making.  Although in the interest of this article we only reviewed the pleasure oil, Cannalife Botanicals also makes infused massage oils, lip balm and a bath soak and seems dedicated to the sexual well-being of Canadians.

Skunk Pleasure Oil ReviewLike the others, Cannalife’s pleasure oil definitely enhanced the session, and for many of the same reasons listed before.

A very quick sensation followed the application of the oil and she reported the usual feelings of vaginal euphoria and warmness.  We found the oil to be a little more viscous than the others making it easier to apply and enjoy the subtle scent and pleasing taste of herbs such as myrrh and frankincense along with cannabis.  And there’s plenty of cannabis, with over 500mg per pump bottle. The company recommends using 3-4 pumps per application, although we got a little carried away, it just feels so damned good.  Look for more from them in SKUNK as we’ve got a lot more testing to do.”