Surviving the Winter with Cannalife

The winter can be rough for many of us, due to short days and long nights, seasonal depression, discomfort from the cold weather, pain flare ups from the wet cold or extreme cold, battling winter sickness, dealing with being overloaded during the holidays and facing the holidays when you’ve suffered losses and are feeling alone.

We wanted to write a blog highlighting some of our favourite products that can help you through these hard months, by taking the edge off, helping to ease pain or treating yourself to some self-care that can help you ride deliciously through the holidays. No need to suffer when you can get a little help from your Cannalife Crew!

Fighting colds and flus more effectively:

This season can be a hard one on our immune systems due to being surrounded by people coughing and sneezing all around you; at work, on the bus, on planes or if you’re a parent with a kid who brings home all the best school germs.

Your Cannalife RX:
CBD Chaga Cacao Tincture
Wellness Bath Soak

CBD Chaga Cacao Tincture makes for a powerful and delicious daily supplement, charged with ingredients that can help fight the nasty colds and flus this season. CBD is being heavily researched for it’s ability to boost immunity, due to it’s anti inflammatory powers and how it can protect your body from sickness and disease. The Chaga Mushroom we use in our tincture is known to help fight infections and viruses due to it’s ability to stimulate white blood cells and fight inflammation plus the added Cassia in the tincture can help support healthy immune function and is a major helper in protecting the body from seasonal threats.

Wellness Bath Soak & Scrub is another major player in our immune-boosting repertoire is  – a spicy aromatherapy combination inspired by Thieves’ Oil, a blend of oils that was created to fight off the Black Plague in France. The combo of oils in this bath soak are known to

  • Boost the immune system
  • Have antimicrobial properties
  • Fight nasal and sinus congestion
  • Promote respiratory and cardiovascular health
  • Energize you and uplift your mood

We have a whole blog about Thieve’s Oil and our Wellness Bath Soak that you can read about here if you’d like to learn more!

Pain management during the winter season:

This season can be rough on the aches and pains already living in our muscles and joints are they exacerbate and amplify our afflictions as our bodies tense up and work hard to hold in heat.

Your Cannalife RX:
Joint Balm
Bath Soaks & Scrubs
CBD Tinctures

We have a laundry list of products that can fall under this category as pain management is our main gig but the above are major players in the pain management game.

Aches and pains in your joints slowing you down and making you miserable? Try Cannalife Joint Balm on afflicted areas. This topical was specifically formulated to be deep penetrating and fast acting by combining the potent synergy of cannabis, comfrey and nettle plant medicine so that you feel relief immediately. The analgesic and anti inflammatory powers of this product make it extremely popular amongst people with arthritis and heavily active people who suffer from injury and regular joint stress.

Dealing with pain on regular from the cold, wet west coast weather or the extreme temperatures of Canada? A hot bath with Cannalife Bath Soaks & Scrubs might be just what the Cannabis doctor ordered! Available in 5 different delicious blends – we combine the healing powers of Epsom, Dead Sea and Pink Himalayan salts with the anti inflammatory and muscle relaxing powers of Cannabis. Warning: these Bath Salts may be addictive because once you’ve felt the body soothing relaxation they provide combined with the epic aromatherapy scents it’s very hard to go back!

CBD is known to relieve pain and inflammation without the high you experience from THC. It’s widely used as an anti-spasmodic which means it may alleviate spasms and even seizures. Our CBD Tinctures can be used for arthritis, chronic pain, headaches and migraines. We offer a few strengths and varieties depending on your tolerance and needs.

Seasonal depression or the winter blues:

These short days, lack of sunshine and the post-holiday crash can be extremely intense for those battling the blues, depression or anxiety. Very little Vitamin D, endless dark nights and feeling overwhelmed or sad from the holidays can have most of us battling our feels, but with the right supplements you can help lift yourself up through the winter months.

Your Cannalife RX:
Sativa Tincture
CBD Tinctures
10:1 Fusion Tincture 

Lack of light in your life? Try our Sativa Tincture aka sunshine in a bottle. This THC Tincture is made with Blue Dream Kief and is described by fans as uplifting, energizing and creatively inspiring. Micro-dosing throughout your day may help time go faster and make the day a lot more enjoyable!

We offer a variety of CBD Tinctures from our Full Plant Spectrum 360mg made with pure CBD oil – to 1500mg Terpene-infused Tincture made with pure CBD oil plus CBD Isolate for extra strength. CBD is known to alleviate anxiety and help with depression. It can really smooth out your day and take the edge off – allowing you to enjoy other people’s company more and get through the day with ease. For those suffering from insomnia, which doesn’t help the seasonal blahs, CBD can be an extremely powerful tool in your unwinding-at-night tool kit.

We offer 3 different CBD:THC Fusion Tinctures that all come with their own set of benefits, but for this particular RX we recommend our 10:1 Fusion Tincture (10 parts CBD to 1 part THC). With this tincture, you feel minimal intoxicating affects from the THC but get a powerful dose of the CBD. CBD and THC are the power couple of cannabis therapeutics; they work best together by amplifying each other’s curative properties. This means you can get the benefits of both cannabinoids while feeling very little of the high associated with THC. Our 10:1 Fusion Tincture has been proven to help with anxiety and depression – alleviating your mood whether it’s to help you get through your day or helping you relax and get to sleep at night.

Any other winter ailment questions? Please feel free to reach out anytime and ask us anything. We’re here to help.


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