Cannalife Botanicals Holiday Detox Foot Soak

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Treat yourself to a relaxing and detoxifying Foot Soak this Holiday!

As much as we love our baths sometimes you don’t have time and during the holidays you probably have a beautiful tree you’d like to sit and admire while unwinding. You can detoxify your body simply while enjoying the benefits of blissful relaxation.

A foot soak using your favourite blend of Cannalife Botanicals Bath Soak & Scrub is a natural way to draw out toxins through the largest pores on your body while helping you unwind in soothing warm water, while you relax with the scent of essential oils and replenish magnesium due to the salts contained in our product.

For this season, we suggest trying our newest bath soak blend: Winter Wellness – Immune Boost. This spicy mix of Eucalyptus, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Wild Orange & Lemon and Rosemary will help fight off sickness and warm you up on those cold winter nights!

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You’ll feel the benefits immediately: 

  • ease stress and soreness
  • replenish low magnesium levels
  • reduce inflammation and muscle pain
  • improve your sleep
  • pull out toxins
  • enjoy a spa-like experience

What you’ll need:

  • Your favourite Cannalife Botanicals Bath Soak & Scrub blend
  • Measuring cup
  • Foot bath or basin
  • Hot water (almost boiling)
  • Marbles for rolling on you feet or herbs for extra scent if desired

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  1. To get started, you’ll need a container for your foot soak – a large basin or mixing boil will do in a pinch!
  2. Keep a bath towel under your bath or within reach for when you step out.
  3. Fill your foot bath with hot water – as hot as you can stand for maximum detoxification.
  4. Add 1/2 cup of Cannalife Botanicals Bath Soak & Scrub
  5. Stir as needed to dissolve
  6. Add marbles or smooth rocks if desired. You can roll your feet across them for an extra bonus massage and some acupressure.
  7. Add anything else that will help relax you – we suggest sprinkling some fresh rosemary in your bath or adding dried eucalyptus if you have. Flower petals make any soak super fancy if you want to step up the experience.
  8. Dry brushing before is very beneficial to rid your feet of dead skin plus it open up  your pores so they can release extra toxins and draw in extra magnesium.
  9. Ease your feet into the water making sure it’s not too hot and enjoy for 15 – 20 minutes. If you’ve added marbles, roll your feet back and forth as you soak to create an acupressure foot massage. Relax and enjoy!
  10. When you’re done remove your feet and pat them dry. We’d suggest massaging your feet with your favourite Cannalife Botanicals Massage Oil blend afterwards to replace moisture and to give your feet some extra love.

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Enjoy some time to yourself to relax, replenish, detoxify and pamper.