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Pleasure Oil: An Elixir for Love

In recent times, local dispensaries are stocking their shelves with romantic cannabis strains like Love Potion, aphrodisiac oils, lubricants and massage oils. Throughout history people have made aphrodisiac potions from essential oils and used cannabis to induce sexual arousal. When such anointments are applied to erogenous zones, they invoke passion and open the gateways of love-making.

[ˌafrəˈdizēˌak, afrəˈdēzēˌak] NOUN: a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire
A love potion, passion potion, a cause for excitement

Did you know that aphrodisiacs can take intimacy to a higher level?

Aphrodisiacs work in two ways — they stimulate the body and ignite passion by affecting the mind. Some essential oils may increase blood flow to the genitals creating euphoria and desire,

while the scent of others can create a chemical reaction in the brain that bring on the feelings of arousal and elevation. Aphrodisiacs stimulate parts of the brain that house emotion and carry intimacy to a higher level.

Among the many beautiful branded and packaged products, Cannalife Botanicals uses a combination of Cannabis and pure essential oils formulated as a topical aphrodisiac to activate erogenous zones. The Pleasure Oil, as one critic noted, “is designed to put the love back in love making.” It combines the most precious oils in aromatherapy; an ancient blend of Frankincense & Myrrh. Once paired with cannabis and optional cinnamon oil, it entices the senses and invokes passion! Skunkmagazine praised this love potion for its “vaginal euphoria” in a recent review, “We absolutely love it! We found the oil to be a little more viscous than the others making it easier to apply and enjoy the subtle scent and pleasing taste of herbs.”

What ingredients make this elixir irresistible?

It begins with Myrrh; a resin notorious for stimulating warmth and arousal sensations. This calming fragrance is considered an aphrodisiac as it molecularly mimics a sex hormone to awaken sexuality. By releasing the frenetic energy that comes with anxiety and fear, more energy can be channeled into creative activities, like meditation or sexual practices. Next, the sweet aroma of Frankincensecreates harmony and relaxation. Frankincense has a psychoactive chemical called trahydrocannabinole which is known to expand consciousness.The two aromas harmonize as Yin and Yang, promoting equilibrium.

Cannabis complements this fusion, with its innate ability to elevate mood and intensify arousal. And when added, a hint of Cinnamon oil increases blood flow and stimulation to the area, activating the love and lust connections. This synergy that can awaken sexuality and opens the doors of exploration to move energy and enhance orgasm. One Toronto Now testimony even claimed, “It makes your pussy laugh!”

Other Uses:

  • This elixir can also be used during Yoga and meditation practices, as it stimulates the connection between the heart and mind.
  • Pleasure Oil also has the ability to improve circulation, balance hormones, and increase serotonin, the feel good hormone that elevates our mood.

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