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At Cannalife Botanicals we choose unrefined, sustainable coconut oil for our infusions. The fatty acids found within the oil are strong binding and retaining agents for cannabinoids. Coconut oil also has a great capacity for quick absorption; efficiently delivering energy and full spectrum plant benefits to the body. A great addition to a morning smoothie of coffee routine!

 Why we created a full plant infusion instead of a THC distillate?

Our infusion process activates the cannabinoids by evaporating the carboxy acid group that blocks absorption if you were to consume raw plant matter. This makes even the non-psychoactive chemicals, 

such as CBD more bioavailable. Considering that there are at least 113 other cannabinoid compounds in cannabis, which exhibit varying effects, we want to ensure that all integral parts are intact and continue to work in unison. Together they can support our metabolism, working like a key to activate some of our bodies’ powerful self-healing processes. 

In traditional distillation processes, the THC is stripped away from the plant matter and all assisting cannabinoids, and advantageous compounds such as lipids, terpenes and micronutrients, are discarded. What remains is a highly psychotropic, odorless, tasteless, concentrate.  

Mind clarity may be a an aftereffect of our oil. One of the elements in our infusion that may have factored into this mental state is terpenes. This non-cannabinoid plant component (an unsaturated hydrocarbon found in the essential oils of plants) works alongside cannabinoids to amplify the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of certain strains. Perks of terpene consumption include: focus, awareness and stress-relief, to name a few.

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  1. I have been suffering for 6years with MdDS and pain in my back and neck. I tried your salve and love it. I wish I could still get it. I can sleep and wake up with less pain, game changer for me.

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