Detox your body through your feet with Cannalife Botanicals Bath Soak and Scrubs

About 10 years ago, I was hanging out with my friend Watermelon, and she shared with me her Thieves Oil from Casey at Salt Spring Naturals and her tip about applying it to her feet anytime she was “incubating” a cold or flu. She was the first person to inform me that you can detox your body through your feet. Since then, I have developed an amazingly easy DIY foot soak and acupressure massage utilizing Cannalife Botanicals Bath Soak and Scrubs and a bag of marbles from the dollar store.

My favourite soak to use in the summer is our Relieve Soak as the peppermint, rosemary and lavender are extremely cooling and they refresh your feet on those hot, humid summer nights.

For the best effect, use the warmest water you can handle to open your pores. Add in your Cannalife Botanicals Soak & Scrub (we suggest 1/2 cup of your favourite Soak) and a bag of marbles.  Immerse your feet into the medicated water and soak them until the water runs cold. The epsom, dead sea and pink salts in the soak act as an anti-inflammatory astringent. For extra zing add 1/4 cup of baking soda to accelerate the process.

Ions are absorbed through your feet as your body is detoxing. Roll your feet over the marbles in the water for a bonus acupressure massage. If the salt water you are soaking in becomes dark, that means you are eliminating toxins from your body.

We are also excited to introduce our newest Cannalife Botanicals Soak and Scrub in Uplift! Featuring the essences of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamont and Black Pepper for a refreshing, uplifting soak:

Try your favourite today and let us know how it works for you!