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Funk Hunters

Borrowing inspiration from classic funk and hip hop, The Funk Hunters are putting the soul back into electronic dance music. Having honed their craft at over 450 performances in 16 countries, the DJ duo’s show is a brilliant technical display of creative collaboration between 4 turntables. But words can’t do justice to two friends whose passion is dance floor mastery – breathless audiences at global festivals including Coachella, Burning Man, Rhythm & Vines, Shambhala, Ottawa Bluesfest, and Envision are the ultimate testament.

Hailey Elise –  Mountain Biker

When I tore my rotator cuff at the beginning of the bike season, I was devastated but determined to get back to riding as fast as I could. Instead of turning to medication to help with pain and inflammation, I turned to Cannalife’s Arthritis Salve. The pain relief was no short of incredible and its additional healing benefits didn’t hurt either. With the help of their product, I was able to continue on with my season faster than I would have been able to otherwise. Now, I now use this salve for all my injuries. I can say I love you to a salve right?

Chad Baker –  Skateboarder

Goals and aspirations in the skateboard industry? I’d love to stay involved with skateboarding forever, I’ve started a non profit to collect new or used skateboard gear and send it out to the kids in the Philippines! But besides that I’d love to just keep skating and filming videos for my sponsors and with my friends.

-I got in to skateboarding because all my friends were doing it, majority of the people I started with have stopped but I fell in love and could never stop skating!

Leiah Luz – Pole Dancer

The CBD tincture has been so incredibly helpful and healing for me. As a highly physically active person, my mind and body often have a tendency to struggle with slowing down, especially when it comes to sleeping. The tincture works wonders for calming the mind and helps my body recover at a much greater level. I love it!

The sensual massage oil is an essential to my medicine cabinet. It smells delicious, makes my skin feel amazing and wonderfully benefits sore muscles. Lathering it on after a hot bath with the Cannalife bath soak & scrub is one of my favourite self care rituals.

Little Myth – Nail Tech

Meet Little Myth. This unique and bubbly being knows how to pack a lot of style into a small space… It’s the little things (like your nails) that count! Her unique sense of style is transmitted through everything she does. No. Like seriously, everything. Whether its her nails, hair, clothes or unique choice in accessories, this artist knows how to leave a lasting impression on both your nails and in your heart. Myth is 100% Myth and thats why we love her!

Tyler Nicholson – MMA Fighter

My name is Tylor “NINJA” Nicholson.

I am professional combat athlete, a big fan of pizza and stand up comedy. i enjoy training hard and making people laugh.

I had a serious hand injury in 2010, where a doctor told me i wouldn’t be able to ever fight competitively.

I now have 22 amateur fights and 1 professional fight. I owe it all to self belief, hardwork, dedication and an amazing group of family and friends.