Cannabis Massage Oil

Our premium cannabis infused massage oil can help melt away pain, relax the mind and body, stimulate circulation, warm muscles and enhance energy flow. Made with Apricot Kernel Oil which is highly nourishing for skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and is a natural anti-oxidant. Apricot Kernel Oil is smooth, light-weight, provides good glide and is recommended by Massage Therapists.


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Available in:
NEUTRAL – no added essential oils
BALANCING – Rose, Geranium
INVIGORATING – Rosemary, Lavender
SENSUAL – Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang
SOOTHING – Cinnamon, Peppermint

Ingredients: Cannabis infused Apricot Kernel Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E
*Neutral Unscented will still carry the earthy smell of the plant, however no essential oils have been added.

Lab Tested:
492mg THC per unit