CBD Massage Oil

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Our premium CBD-infused massage oil can help melt away pain, relax the mind and body, stimulate circulation, warm muscles and enhance energy flow. Made with Apricot Kernel Oil which is highly nourishing for skin, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and is a natural anti-oxidant. Apricot Kernel Oil is smooth, light-weight, provides good glide and is recommended by Massage Therapists.


Pleasure Oil

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A topical cannabis aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones.

May be used as a topical aphrodisiac to activate pleasure zones, unlock energies, and enhance orgasm. This ancient formula uses the sacred essential oils of myrrh and frankincense with cannabis to bring blood flow and sensation to the area. Apply generously on and inside erogenous zones. This product is NOT intended for use as a lube, coconut oil will breakdown latex condoms and toys. If you intend to use during intercourse, use a non-latex condom. Do not use while pregnant.



Product Review – Pleasure Oil

Pleasure Oil: An Elixir for LoveIn recent times, local dispensaries are stocking their shelves with romantic cannabis strains like Love Potion, aphrodisiac oils, lubricants and massage oils. Throughout history people have made aphrodisiac potions from essential oils and used cannabis to induce sexual arousal. When such anointments are applied to erogenous zones, they invoke passion and open the gateways of ...

Cannalife Botanicals Pleasure Oil Reviewed!

Big Love and Thanks to Laska of Laskamaria Ent Ltd for this very informative review of our Cannalife Botanicals’ Pleasure Oil.  Her blog has been re-posted here with her permission. “Cannalife Botanicals’ Pleasure Oil, I figured it was going to be similar to other Clitoral Oils, I have tried but I was wrong I love this product. This post is my …


Cannalife Botanicals Pleasure Oil Reviewed in Skunk Magazine!

We are thrilled with our recent review of our Pleasure Oil in Skunk Magazine, North America’s Premier Cannabis Cultivation Publication. Please scroll down to read the review here: “I love this company, absolutely love it. They immediately send us out a whole sloe of products designed to put the love back in to love-making.  Although in the interest of this …

Product Ingredients & Benefits

Product Ingredients & BenefitsThe healing power of plants is an endless resource that provides incredible benefits for pain relief and healing. We care deeply about each and every ingredient that goes into our products. Click on any image or title below to link to our products that contain each ingredient. ARNICAStimulates the flow of white blood cells, helps disperse trapped ...

Valentine’s Day Sunday Funday- Jammed packed goodness

Good morning loves, Happy Valentine’s day…on a Sunday…a perfect day to stay in bed indulging in the senses and exploring new landscapes. We combined a cup of spiked hot cocoa with 2 cups of Kama Sutra, 1 gram Super lemon haze mixed well with a few drops of Pleasure Oil (ok.. maybe more than a few). Step 1: Stoke the …